Hang Massive

Since 2011, Hang Massive has been shaping the global handpan music scene, pioneering a successful electronic duo with a captivating live performance. By combining dreamy acoustic sounds with upbeat electronic tones, their unique style inspires audiences worldwide.

Joaquin Cornejo

Joaquín Cornejo is an Ecuadorian music producer and performer who focuses on merging acoustic sound with analog electronics, particularly modular synthesis and experiments with magnetic tape. His live performances harness the hypnotic power of music, blending finely crafted abstract emotional narratives, mind-bending tribal rhythms, and contemporary electronic tendencies.

Martin Maok

Maok is a Slovakian singer and multi-instrumentalist who is well-known for his ability to express the atmosphere of the moment through music. As the artist himself puts it: "I am just a string of an instrument named the Universe. You can use this music to make your internal journey through colourful spaces of your soul. Hear you in your inner worlds."


French music producer Suduaya has performed in over 20 countries across 4 continents since 2011. From Downtempo to Psychill, with fluid rhythms and powerful beats, he has played at events such as the Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia), Psy-Fi (Netherlands), Samsara (Hungary), Eclipse (Canada), Utopia Boom Landing (Portugal), Ometeotl (Mexico), and many more. He has collaborated with Desert Dwellers, Kaya Project, Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, and others.

Sam Alty Trio

Sam Alty is an award-winning composer, lyricist, actor, and educator from New Zealand. His career has spanned a variety of artistic situations, including dancing at the Royal Opera House in London, acting in the Arctic Circle region, and performing music in the guise of a rabbit in a traditional traveling circus. He has two albums to his name: "Hammering Nails Into The Sky" and "The Call of the Black Cat."

Niburu Project

Niburu Project is a Polish artistic event whose main idea is to create music therapy performances based on ancient/primitive instruments, also known as a "sound bath." It is a music-relaxation concert that, through the healing nature of gongs and accompanying instruments, supports global and broadly understood cultural and ecological awareness.


GAJA is a music project in the spirit of deep ecology. It's music that flows straight from the heart and reminds us that the planet Earth whirls beneath our feet. It carries a soft, folk-rooted sound with a touch of a woodland ballad, floating in the air like the smoke from a campfire. For Marta, the songwriter, music is a form of communicating what's important to her and what she believes in, and she believes that the vibrations carried by music have the power to change the world.

Łukasz Dembiński

A percussionist, music promoter, and traveler. He is the founder of the Foliba band. He is passionate about drums and percussion instruments, especially African drums. He most often plays the djembe, congas, cajon, calabash, dunduns, and handpans. He has performed in over 1000 concerts in Poland and abroad, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Tenerife, Morocco, Moldova, Zanzibar, and Tanzania.

Filip Filipiuk

A multi-instrumentalist, gardener, and father of Jasio and Aniela. He draws inspiration from nature, wisdom, and the practices of Buddhism and shamanism. He is a co-creator of the Cantarsis band, which performs medicine songs. He resides in the Izera Mountains, where he is shaping the community of Świecie Nasz.

Między Nami (feat. Kim Jestem)

Między Nami – that is Agnieszka and Artur, who describe their music as "Postcards from a journey within ourselves. We send them to ourselves – to remember. Our struggles, understandings, and enlightenments. Above all, the search: for truth, our identity, purpose, and meaning, the path to the heart. The concert is about sharing these postcards with you."