T exhibitions – Festival Sounds Off Veritas




Sztuka w drodze

Art on the Road. Sylwia Konieczna. Art sets out on a journey once again, perhaps one of the paintings will embark on a journey to your home? I create paintings that transport us to a different dimension and remind us of pleasant moments. Maybe you'll find something for yourself? I invite you to view my artwork.

Nadleśnictwo Międzylesie

At the booth of Nadleśnictwo Międzylesie, we will be discussing honey plants, bees, pollinators, and biodiversity. We will talk about how important insects and bees are in our lives, what we owe to them, how we can support them, and increase their presence.

Ziołowe Siedlisko

Ziołowe Siedlisko offers:

  • Vedic Art paintings – intuitively painted with a spiritual message, bringing harmony
  • Icons – painted with egg tempera on wood and stone
  • Mandale – painted on paper, cardboard, wood, using various techniques
  • Decorations – wooden


I learned about ceremonial cacao about 5 years ago, and since then, following my body's instinct, I started drinking it regularly. Since a sense of mission is very important to me in my professional work, I also opened a cacao shop so that other people could experience its effects, not just for health but in other aspects as well. I invite you to visit my booth during the festival. We will talk about cacao, its related legends, and more. You will also be able to purchase various types of cacao and taste it. See you there!


At Hemp & Poppy, we embrace the valuable traditions of hemp and poppy cultivation in our country. At the same time, we want to promote the incredible qualities of these wonderful plants and present them in a modern light. At our booth, you will find 100% natural hemp oil with active substances such as health-promoting cannabinoids, terpenes, CBD, CBG, poppy essences in hemp and poppy oils, as well as balms. We also invite you to try herbal teas (hemp, hemp-poppy, herbal blends) and locally roasted coffees with mushrooms (lion's mane, chaga, and more).


I invite you to gentle massages, based on tantric values, performed in the energy of the heart, accepting presence and unconditional love. To envelop you with maternal love. Individually tailored to your current needs because I perform them intuitively, in flow, and with mindfulness of the signals coming from your body. Enhanced with energetic support if needed.


In addition to the workshop, I invite you to a booth filled with herbal products for the soul and body. Here, you will find herbal teas, blends, incense, hemp oils, as well as delicious cookies, desserts, and energy balls with the addition of wild edible plants.


Presentation/exhibition of sample forms of artistic graphics (flat, convex, concave printing), hand-made artistic paper, typographic forms, letterpress techniques, bookbinding, and Japanese printed calligraphy.
An historical overview of the mentioned techniques and their application in the interdisciplinary work of Prof. J.M. Rybczyński.

Galeria pod Łyścem

I create the gallery out of passion and love for craftsmanship.
I want to convey to my loved ones and all of humanity that each of us has a talent, a passion that needs to be unearthed and nurtured because what we create ourselves brings immense satisfaction and teaches us humility and inner peace, and at the same time, we can derive great joy from craftsmanship and share it with others. The gallery will be filled with craftsmanship from various fields such as macrame, crochet, ceramics, candles, cosmetics, painting, jewelry, etc.

W deseczkę

Hi, I'm Kamila, and I create hand-painted wooden products, embellished using pyrography and laser engraving methods. At my booth, jewelry will reign supreme, but you'll also find decorations, useful gadgets, and souvenirs. You'll discover a whole meadow, forest and animal motifs, vibrant colors, and distinctive shapes. See you there!