Second edition of the festival July 12-14 2024
Rudawa 5, 57-520 Długopole Zdrój

Dr. Preeti Agrawal - Our body can heal itself - Health is within us

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, wrote that more important than knowing what kind of disease a person has is knowing what kind of person has the disease. Each of us is unique, and we cannot treat everyone in the same way. In a holistic approach, the patient is treated as an individual, as a human being, not just as an example of some diseased entity. Holistic medicine assumes that human health is based on balance, which a person achieves at all levels of their existence - physical, emotional, and spiritual. Seen from this perspective, the human/patient is a being equipped with enormous self-healing potential.

Emilia van Wijngaarden - Adaptogenic Mushrooms in Practice - Comprehensive Well-being Improvement

Mushrooms have diverse roles, from nourishing and healing to harming and destroying. When integrated into holistic therapies, they can address numerous symptoms, discomforts, and modern diseases. Current research is exploring their use in oncology and as support in conventional treatments. Their application, however, extends far beyond. I will discuss the most popular mushrooms, covering their common uses, typical cases, dosages, and contraindications.

Daria U Lewandowska - Systemic Constellation method by Bert Hellinger

Daria U Lewandowska invites you to a lecture on the increasingly popular Systemic Constellation method by Bert Hellinger in Poland. She'll discuss the importance of handling this powerful technique responsibly to avoid misuse. The lecture will explore how to identify blockages in the flow of love, the process of interweaving love flow, and the Heisenberg principle's application in systemic constellations, demonstrating how observation alters the phenomenon. It's an invitation for those curious or interested in expanding their perspective on systemic approaches.

dr Karolina Kubas - How to have energy throughout the day.

Chinese Medicine is a holistic approach focused on health management and harmonious living. It emphasizes leveraging nature's potential, energy management, mindful nutrition, body detoxification, appropriate exercise, love and sexuality, and emotional work. The goal is to restore the body's proper function and organ health by balancing the life energy flow in meridians and boosting the immune system. The presentation will introduce Chinese Medicine's principles for healthy living and maintaining energy throughout the day.

Grzegorz Ognios Zielonko - Human Design by Ognios – Know yourself

Human Design provides a detailed understanding of how individuals function at both conscious and unconscious levels. It offers insights into our psychology, including decision-making strategies, relationship dynamics, natural talents, and how we shape and interact with our environment. During the lecture, we will explore the types, authority, and strategy according to Human Design.

Wiesław Donajski - Mindfulness Practice - the path to peace, flourishing, and satisfaction. 

A lecture dedicated to mindfulness and built upon it Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), where the main vehicle of change is meditation practices. The method was constructed by scientists from Oxford, proving effective in anxiety disorders, depression, and addictions, among others. It is also recommended for increasing overall well-being, mental resilience, and improving functioning in everyday life.

Ewelina Śliwińska-Kur i Mateusz Kur - How Love Speaks – Discover Your Love Language and Your Partner's

During the meeting, we will invite you to examine how you express love in a relationship, how your partner expresses it, and whether you understand the language they speak to you. What are the love languages and how can they affect the atmosphere in a relationship? We will try to answer the question of where we know the love language from and how we learned it.